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Introduction of Biometrics and Appointments for submission of Indian visa Applications

The Government of India is rolling out Biometric Data Collection for Indian Visa globally and has already implemented this in several countries. This is part of the larger IVFRT (Indian Visa and Foreigners Registration and Tracking) Programme.

Biometric Data collection, including fingerprint data and facial imagery were scheduled to be introduced on the 16th March 2015 but this has now been delayed till sometime in the future.

As a result of this Indian High Commissions across the UK have introduced new procedures for submission of Indian visa applications.

With effect from 16th March 2015 submission of Indian Visa Applications at all VFS Centres across the UK will be by appointment only. Appointment must be secured online prior to submission of application.

The only exception when an appointment is not required is when submitting an Urgent – Same Day Business Visa application.

This service is available at the VFS Goswell Road London Office. If applying at the VFS Centres outside London please check whether same day service is available.

Applicants are also required to check which VFS Centre has jurisdiction over the area they reside in. More information regarding jurisdiction can be found on

Passport Services Ltd can assist you in the following ways:

Until biometrics are actually introduced we can still lodge your applications at the London Offices of VFS (provided you are covered by their Jurisdiction).

We can advise on what documents you require for a successful application and check your application pack

We can create the online visa application form for you

We can schedule the online appointment for you

We can lodge the application on your behalf

We can pay the relevant visa fee for you

We can collect the passport for you when your visa is ready and deliver it back to you

We have over 20 years experience of lodging Indian visa applications and specialize in Employment Visas, Entry visas and same day business visas.

In June 2008 the Indian High Commission in London stopped accepting visa applications in person from agents and members of the public. All applications now have to be submitted via their processing agents VFS.  The Indian High Commission will no longer enter into any discussions regarding visas.




You will need the following for every visa application:






1)      Valid at least 6 months from date of travel.




2)     In good condition.




3)     Must have at least two clear unmarked visa pages.




4)      Non British Passport Holders have to provide copies of two utility bills (Gas, Electricity, Council tax or Water bill) showing name and UK address, one current and one which is at least 24 months old by the day of submission of the visa application, but less than 30 months. They should both be from the same provider.




5)      If you have any existing valid Indian visas of a different category, include a letter, addressed to the Indian High Commission, explaining why you are applying for a different visa type & requesting the existing one be cancelled.







Processing Times



Average of  three working days from the lodging date for UK citizens and non UK nationals who can prove they have been resident in the UK for the last 24 Months




 Applications in the following cases below will take longer to be processed as they need to be referred:




  • Non-UK passport holders residing in the for less than two years.


  • Nationals of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Sri Lanka (plus Nationals having ancestry from the mentioned countries)
    • Media organizations


    NB:Applications that do not need to be referred normally take three working days, however this is not guaranteed by either VFS, the Indian High Commission or Passport Services Ltd. They can take longer. Similarly, non resident applications can take more than 15 working days.  Please bear this in mind when making travel arrangements as once lodged applications cannot be expedited or retrieved quickly.




    Tourist Visa



    1)      Visa form – complete online at







    Note that the information is only held online for 40 days.

    2)      Two Passport sized photos, 50 x 50mm, recent, original, on a white background.







    NOTE: Notice on Tourist Visa travel restriction 


    "There should be a gap of at least 2 months between two visits on a Tourist Visa.  




    In case of requirement to visit within 2 months, permission should be sought from the High Commission of , London or the Indian Consulates at Birmingham and Edinburgh directly without going through the VFServices(UK) Ltd. Where permission is accorded in such cases by the High Commission of / Consulate General of , registration with the local FRRO/FRO would be required within 14 days of arrival in . Processing time of the request will be 3-4 working days.




    However, those holding Tourist Visas, who after initial entry into India plan to visit another country and re-enter India before finally exiting, could be permitted more than one entry, as the case may, be subject to their submission of a detailed itinerary and supporting documents i.e. confirmed Air tickets.







    Business Visa

    Straightforward business applications can be processed in one day, using an express service, for a higher fee. Contact us for details.





    1)    Visa form – complete online at




    Note that the information is only held online for 40 days.




    2)      Two (x 2) Passport sized photos, 50 x 50mm, recent, original, on a white background.




    3)      Original letter from employer, addressed to the Indian High Commission, Aldwych, London.




    4)      Invitation letter from Indian company addressed to the Indian High Commission, Aldwych, London, fax acceptable.







    Employment Visa





    Please note that the Employment Visa shall be issued only from the country of Origin. We can apply for employment visa for British passport holders and non-UK nationals who have resided in the for at least the last 2 years only.








    1)      Visa form – complete online at

    2)      Supplementary Employment form (Annex 1) form




    3)      Two  (x 2) Passport sized photos, 50 x 50mm, recent, original, on a white background.




    4)   Copy of contract of employment signed by both parties, stating; salary in US Dollars, the company in India or the UK company being responsible for the applicants taxes liabilities, the job title, duration and work location in India.




    5)      A copy of the Indian company’s registration papers.




    6)      A copy of most recent or appropriate academic or professional qualifications.

    7)      Dependent(s) will need to provide a copy of the marriage certificate and/or a copy of the birth certificate(s). 


    8)      Non-UK nationals must provide copies of utility bills (gas, electricity, landline phone or water, not bank or mobile phone statements) from within the last month and 24 - 30 months old, from the same provider, to show proof of residence for this period




     NB. Please ensure you complete all sections of the visa form including parent’s details.







    Note that Non-UK passport holders residing in the UK for less than two years, Nationals of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Media organizations should contact Passport services before starting their visa application.










    Regulations and fees for other nationalities and travel document holders may vary  considerably, please enquire in advance with Passport Services before starting the visa application.

    Please note that renewal of the employment visa can only be done by the FRRO in India in the city where employed. High Commission of India and it's consulates in the U.K. will not accept any applications for renewal of the Employment visa.






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